Thursday, August 5, 2010

Avery's Photoshoot

So.. I tried doing a "photoshoot" of Avery.. I wanted a white background, so that it was just him in the photos. To do this, I hung a white sheet. Unfortunately, the only one I could find was a wrinked fitted one. Had I of spent more time on this project, I would have put the sheet in the dryer on touch up or ironed out the creases.. but in true Sherri fashion, I just wanted to do it and not spend time on all these details..

I got the first picture of him on the sheet.. with a little editing of the sheet, this picture wouldn't be too bad. And of course he's with Cayman Carlos the Turtle (who he really does love). I do wish I had some different lights, so we wouldn't have such a distinct shadow.. then again, if I take the time to edit, I can fix this..

I got the one picture, and then.. he didn't like sitting there too much. So, he crawled off the "photo studio".
Of course I thought I could fix this problem and brought the coffee table over for him to stand with. He loves standing and his ability to walk around by grabbing one thing and then the next was not considered in this strategy, so he walked along the coffee table off of the "photo studio" and straight toward the camera.

And he was very interested in the tripod, which of course I was not using because he was moving around too fast. Holding the camera I was lucky that he was even in the frame.

Finally, I got a couple of decent picture of the man. They have to be close up in order to not show my make-shift "photo studio", but none the less, I think they turned out alright.

A little editing of the sheet in the background might just fix these up nicely.

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